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"Best of South Jersey July 2009"
South Jersey Magazine

Best of Philly 2010

President Philip Zoebisch
Vice President Dorothy Waters
Secretary Marlene Collins
Treasurer Joe Murphy
Want to know what we
are learning at our

Our instructors have given us permission to display their lesson demo on our Website.

Click on the "BLUE" dance links on the list below to see what it's all about and come out and join us.

Lessons run for a 4-7 week course and we have some of the best instructors in the area joining us --
you should too.

Intermediate Dance Videos

Bacchata - Christy Kam
Bolero - Gene Lapierre

Cha Cha - Charles Hoefgen
East Coast Swing - Shana Vitoff
Foxtrot - Brian Wells
Night Club Two Step
Rumba - Steve & Betty Culver
Salsa - Barbara Capaldi
Samba - Christy Kam
Tango - Bill Sapp
Argentine Tango - Guillermo & Vittoria
Viennese Waltz - Bill Sapp
West Coast Swing - Alan Saperstein

You'll want to dance your way to Haddonfield after watching this video

Last Minute Gift Idea
Dance Haddonfield
Gift Certificate
ONLY $15.00
for the perfect gift



Dance Haddonfield

Lessons, food, refreshments and music: Just 15 dollars!
Combined with Intermediate Lessons: Only 20 dollars!

Come single, or bring a partner. Everyone is welcome.

Swing! Latin! Ballroom!

Dance Haddonfield meets every Sunday night:
Beginner Lessons are from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM and dance to 10:30 PM.
Intermediate Lessons are from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Dance Haddonfield meets at:            
Grace Church
19 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ


Beginner Lesson Schedule:  7PM to 8PM

June 12 - Night Club Two Step 
June 19 - Hustle
June 26 - Samba
July 3 - Salsa
July 10 - Foxtrot

Intermediate Lesson: 6PM to 7PM

June 12 - July 17: Bolero with Bill Sapp

Future Intermediate Lessons:
July 24 - August 28 - Bachata, Marty Feltz                                                                                                  September 4 - October 9 - Quick Step, Sandra Fortuna                                                                          October 16 - November 20 - East Coast Swing, Tommy Radon


Senior citizens gain health benefits from cha, cha, cha

After Lain dancing they walked faster had higher activity level

March 7, 2016 — A four-month dance program helped older Latino adults walk faster and improved their physical fitness, which may reduce their risk for heart disease, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions.

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago tested whether a community-based intervention focused on Latin dancing could benefit 54 Spanish-speaking adults (about 65 years old, 80 percent Mexican female) who were not very physically active.

Participants were randomly assigned to either participate in a dance program twice a week for four months or to attend a health education program. All participants completed questionnaires about their leisure time physical activity and a 400-meter walk test at the start and end of the study.

After four months of twice-weekly Latin dancing, researchers found:

·         Dancers walked faster and were more physically active during their leisure time than before they started dancing.

·         Dancers completed a 400-meter walk in just under 392 seconds compared with almost 430 seconds at the start of the study.

·         Leisure physical activity rose from 650 minutes to nearly a total of 818 minutes per week.

Those in the health education classes had a smaller improvements in their fitness – they finished the 400-meter walk in about 409 seconds at the end of the study compared with 419 seconds four months earlier; total time spent on weekly leisure physical activity increased from 522 minutes to 628 minutes over the course of the study.

The dance program is a program called BAILAMOS©, a culturally-tailored, community-based lifestyle intervention developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago by David X. Marquez and Miguel Mendez, included four different dance styles -- merengue, bachata, cha cha cha and salsa – led by the dance instructor, with more complex choreography as the program progressed.

Increasing physical activity is one of the key 2020 Impact Goals of the American Heart Association, which calls for all adults to get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or at least 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity (or a combination of both) each week. Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and complications associated with advancing age as well as improve balance, mobility and reduce stress.

Scaling up such a culturally-attuned, and what appears to be a fun intervention could have significant public health effects, said Priscilla Vásquez, M.P.H., lead study author at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

‘There are many barriers older Latino adults face, and they are busy with caregiving and other responsibilities, so often physical activity takes a back seat and many times the opportunities are unavailable,” Vásquez said. “This program engaged them on many levels, physically, culturally and emotionally. Anecdotally, I’ve heard participants say attending dance class is their stress relief. They also interact with others and build community. This impacts their physical as well as emotional health and wellbeing.”

Dancing could have wider health implications, too. Vásquez said the research team is interested in testing whether BAILAMOS© can help older Latinos already experiencing mild cognitive impairment. “We are interested in using magnetic resonance imaging to see if dancing positively affects their brains,” she said.

Co-authors are Susan Aguiñaga, M.S., Robert S. Wilson, Ph.D., Louis F. Fogg, Ph.D., JoEllen Wilbur, Ph.D., Susan L. Hughes, Ph.D., and David X. Marquez, Ph.D. Author disclosures are on the manuscript.

The study is funded by Alzheimer’s Association and the University of Illinois at Chicago Midwest Roybal Center for Health Promotion and Translation.



Sponsorship for Dance Haddonfield

Dance Haddonfield is the weekly dance held by the Delaware Valley chapter of USA Dance. We exist to bring the joy of ballroom dance to our community, including lessons and an opportunity to enjoy an evening of dance every Sunday.

We are a non-profit, and need all the support we can get to continue our dance and to provide a pleasant environment at a reasonable price. Please consider donating to our dance; as part of USA Dance donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Here are the sponsorship opportunities:

Sponsor an intermediate class – these run for 5 or 6 weeks. Sponsorship costs $60.

For this you get:

4 gift certificates, good for any new dancers (cannot be used by our current dancers).
Mention on our home page.
Mention in our weekly email newsletter in connection with that series of lessons.
A sign posted at those lessons.

Sponsor any one Sunday dance – cost $15.

For this you get:

1 gift certificate, good for one new dancer (cannot be used by our current dancers).
Mention on our home page.
Mention on our weekly email newsletter for that dance.
Sign at the dance.

If you want to help us the most, consider one of these sponsorships.

Gold Sponsor -    $1000
Silver Sponsor -   $500
Bronze Sponsor - $250

Listed on our web site for a year, and included on a plaque on display at the dance.

Joe Murphy

Rt. 130, Collingswood, NJ

Graded standardized curriculum

Junior and adult dancers learn social and/or
Competitive Dancing in American and International Styles
Students of all ages

Speciality Programs
Wedding Preparation
Wheelchair Dancing
Dance Teacher Training for Certification

Plymouth Meeting Mall
Steve and Betty Culver
Ballroom DJs
Digital ProTesters

Kate Darlington and Jeff Cherer
Dance Haddonfield meets at:            
Grace Church
19 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ
Dance Haddonfield mailing address:      
Dance Haddonfield
c/o Joe Murphy
30 Tanner Street
Haddonfield NJ 08033

For more info contact Phil Zoebisch, Chapter President.

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